Parra Jiménez Crianza

What makes this wine special: Select clusters of Tempranillo grapes are given extra vine ripening and aged in oak barrels to create a refined, elegant wine.

Grape: Organic Tempranillo 100 percent.

Vinification and aging: This is perhaps the finest Tempranillo wine in the Parra Family catalogue. Selected clusters of grapes are allowed to ripen for an extra two to three weeks on the vine before picking. The extra time imparts a greater complexity and delicacy of flavor to the wine. Aging in French and American oak barrels creates a creamy, smooth finish.

Tasting notes: A light purple wine. On the nose, scents of ripe, almost black cherry, raspberry jam and strawberry pie filling. Gentle berry flavors and notes of baking spices, as well as an intriguing black peppery flavor bathe the palate.

Food pairings: Quiche, grilled meats and roasted chicken. Try with: Beef stew.

Alcoholic content: 13 percent.

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