Biodynamic Agriculture

Biodynamics is based on the creation, in each particular situation, of an agro-eco-system unique, which is called agricultural organism. This is taking the strength and own health while it is becoming a complete agricultural individuality.

Organic farming technique involves: composting, use of fermented manure, slurry, macerated plants, green fertilizers, crop rotations and associations, hedgerows, spaces for the life of the native flora and fauna in the areas of integrated production, soil cover, crop-livestock mixed systems.

Parra family cultivates theirs vineyards following biodynamic principles of Rudolf Steiner:

1. The earth is a single organism with equilibrate that must be maintained. Should be provided, from the farm, all the nutrients needed to grow.
2. Harmony in the stars: The energy of the sun, moon, planets and stars reaches the vitality, growth and plant form.
3. It should strengthen the links between animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms through the use of biodynamic preparations.